Residential & Lifestyle Landscaping

"Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are" - Alfred Austin

Gardens are a reflection of your personality and values. Like your home, they tell people who you are and what is important to you. Higher Ground Landscapes will help you create bespoke designs that reflect you and your needs rather than clichéd trends seen in every suburb in New Zealand. Our designs can make a bold statement as an entrance to your home, or transform a small backyard into an attractive space to socialise with friends or relax with your family. Good design and ideas work across the board, independent of budget, from small courtyard-style gardens to big highly-livable family spaces.

Higher Ground Landscapes offer a complete range of urban and rural garden design services. We specialise in restoration and refurbishment for established properties and original designs for new properties. We will transform small under-used and overgrown backyards into showcase features of your home, enhancing its value.

Native plantings are our speciality. We can incorporate a range of New Zealand flora and rock features into your garden reflecting the wider New Zealand landscape. Water is also a wonderful additional surface which adds great depth and interest to a garden. Principal designer Mark Sherson has designed many gardens using water features.

Residential & Lifestyle Landscaping - Higher Ground Landscapes