Speciality Features

Raised vegetable and herb gardens

"More and more people are growing organic vegetables and herbs in their back gardens. But these vege plots aren't hidden out of sight; they are stylish extensions to a property." - News report

It has never been a better time to grow your own organic produce. Save money, enjoy food on demand all year round; eat better-tasting gourmet vegetables and eliminate disease-creating chemicals. Imagine being able to step outside your house and pick a perfect aubergine, capsicum, courgette or a handful of fresh basil.

Raised beds provide visual interest and convenience. They are easy to work and control, weed resistant, produce higher yields and are an attractive feature of your property.

Raised gardens can be built from any material of your choice and in sizes to suit your needs and property.

Higher Ground Landscapes will work with you to:

  • Discuss best placement, size and design of your raised gardens
  • Provide a concept plan
  • Build and prepare the soil for planting

Rural property raised vegetable garden - speciality Features, Higher Ground Landscapes Hamilton

Outdoor pizza ovens

Outdoor Pizza Ovens - Higher Ground Landscapes, Hamilton, NZ

"Outdoor pizza ovens really get people's imaginations going. They are brilliant tools for inspiring good times around the table. To my mind, wood fired ovens are the ultimate foodie must-have." - Jamie Oliver

Wood-fired pizza ovens have taken off in New Zealand bringing family and friends together for a unique outdoor dining experience and offering a healthy and tasty alternative to the traditional Kiwi barbecue. Pizza is one of the oldest food specialities in the world, first appearing in Italy in 997AD. In today's world, it is the ideal food, catering for every taste, including children.

Higher Ground Landscapes' pizza ovens, not only produce great pizza; they also look good, adding a stylish focal point to your outdoor entertaining area. We use the best building products, including schist, granite and timber of your choice, including recycled sleepers Talk to us about designing and installing an outdoor pizza oven that will impress your friends and family and provide hours of fun-filled outdoor dining.

Sculpture Gardens

Sculpture Gardens - speciality Features, Higher Ground Landscapes

"A garden isn't meant to be useful. It's for joy" - Rumer Godden

Ancient Roman gardens are known for their sculptures and statues. You can make a statement in your own garden by turning it into a unique outdoor art gallery.

Higher Ground Landscapes will help you:

  • Develop a concept plan choosing appropriate plants to complement your garden sculptures
  • Build a raised garden to show off your garden art to best advantage
  • Choose and install rock and water features as part of your sculpture garden