Clean lines and natural colours to complement architect’s stunning design

Tamahere Gully Restoration - Higher Ground Landscapes, Hamilton

The house on the lifestyle block at Tamahere is stunning in its simplicity and contemporary clean lines.  And the brief from the owners was also simple: reflect the qualities of the house in the landscape design. Create a landscape that connects the house to its setting but doesn’t compete for attention.

The owners are a professional couple. The husband, an architect, designed their home, incorporating Hinuera stone and cedar. The natural colours reflect the rural setting producing a partnership between land and building.

The site will be landscaped in stages. The first stage links the driveway to the front entrance, creating interest through pavers and paths to the front door.  The concrete pavers and black mulch complement the Hinuera stone and work well with the dark cedar.

The plants include a selection of native shrubs and grasses such as Libertia (native iris), Coprosma, Phormium cookianum (miniature flax) and Pseudopanax crassifolium (lancewood). Corokia was also used as hedging.

Basalt rocks sourced from farmland at Te Miro were added as free-standing features among the native fauna.  The natural properties of the individual stones also complement the Hinuera stone used in the house.  The high-density rocks - remnants of volcanic eruptions around the Waikato – make their own statements as free-standing sculptures.

The area is edged with durable timber sleepers, creating clean lines again reflecting the geometric design of the house and paths.

The clients said of the design, “It looks great. We are really pleased with it.”   

Later stages of the design will eventually surround the house and pool and incorporate a kitchen garden

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